SUP route, Barnes Mill 12k – the Church Road bridge at Mill House to Barnes Mill Lock on the River Chelmer and back: 12km…

Starting from Mill House, head west (right) upstream towards Chelmsford. Portage Little Baddow Mill Lock, Stonham’s Lock, Cuton Lock, go under the A12 road bridge and portage Sandford Lock before turning at Barnes Mill Lock. Paddle back with the flow to Mill House.

Best in west to southerly breeze for a headwind out and a tailwind home. During summertime, as long as there’s foliage on the trees and banks, there’s pretty good protection from the wind so can handle strong windspeeds. The route does meander so there can be small wind-tunnel sections! Not ideal in northerly or easterly winds. The route goes into the flow first, so is fine even after some rain when the current will be stronger.  Check stream and wind conditions via our SUP weather page… (To increase the distance c.3km to 15k, either start from Papermill Lock where we run our Learn to Paddleboard lessons, or paddle there and back first!)

Avoid strong northerly or easterly winds as you’ll have a headwind to battle home against. After prolonged heavy rain the river can burst its banks at the launch, the stream can be fierce and there might be submerged hazards in the water. Check conditions via our SUP Weather page. Nesting swans in late spring and later with signets in early summer can be protective – give them room and stay confident as you paddle past. Look out for fishermen and be courteous by giving them a wide berth. Steer clear of weirs, which are always signposted near the locks.