SUP Club 2023 – Shoebury Splashbout Chopfest


Venue: Shoebury East Beach (SS3 9AD)
Launch: After 6.50pm briefing
Finish: by 8.30pm
Level: Confident coastal paddlers

We have a workable (21.03) high tide tonight, although it is looking like a potentially slightly showery, windy old day. But we’re going to bite the bullet and try (sort of) tucking out of the (hopefully!) west-south-westerly wind over at Shoebury East Beach for a splashbout / chopfest session – ie; not going anywhere, just safely playing around close to the beach…

We’ll be at the George Street entrance to the south ( where there is a 2.1m height limit, but there are usually spaces outside for higher vehicles. With so much wind forecast, tonight might need a fair bit of nerve for some. We’re hoping that the wind stays just WSW enough to tuck us out of it, but as it’s forecast to be blowing very strong and potentially due south-westerly there may some fierce chop wrapping around the Garrison and across the beach. If we’re unlucky it could be blowing nuclear cross-shore, in which case we’ll just splash and dash after a couple of downwind-upwind lengths of the beach: we’ll see. Either way, tonight definitely isn’t a night for your narrowest, raciest board: choose comfort over speed and be ready for some chaotic splashing around.

So meeting by 6.30pm (after the parking charges cease) ahead of a 6.50pm briefing on the green before hitting the water. For a change this week, we’re not going anywhere so late launchers are cool – just make sure you stick close to the beach with all the briefed paddlers! After, we’ll go to our favourite local ’spoons for cheap drink and dinner…

Location: Shoebury East Beach
Date: 12/07/2023
Duration: 1 Day