SUP Club 2018 – Chalkwell III


We’ve got another workable tide tonight – 6.23pm high at 4.8m – so we’re going back to Chalkwell (SS0 8JH), meeting from 6pm (when the parking charges end!) to hit the water around 6.30pm. Truth is we’re really not going to know what conditions will be like until we get there – it could be anywhere on the spectrum from calm to chaotic! There’s broadly 10 knots of north-easterly (offshore) breeze on the forecasts, which we’re hoping to tuck out of for some flat-water fun and games off the beach – or if it turns out light enough, we may even group up and head over to Old Leigh at 7pm then use the ebb tide to help us back. However! Some predictions are calling a more easterly airflow, hence if it’s hot and sunny this afternoon a sea breeze effect could kick off a full-on Chalkwell chopfest – in which case we’re firmly staying put and splashing about between the beach and the Crowstone. We’ll see… Hire kit is available for £20 to confident graduates of our BSUPA Ready to Ride courses – email by 4pm to reserve yours. And after, we will probably default to the Elms again for beer and grub.

SUP Club is completely free of charge for anyone who owns their own kit (and knows how to use it!) to attend. If conditions are suitable, limited hire kit is available to graduates of our Learn to SUP lessons (or any other BSUPA Ready to Ride course) from

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Date: 06/06/2018
Duration: 1 Day