SUP Club 2018 – Déjà vu?


Although it’s much less windy today, the tide’s not right for the coast and we have broadly similar conditions to last week hence we’re going to go for a straight repeat of last week’s SUP Club! So we’re meeting at Hoe Mill Lock (CM9 6RA – as always, paddlers on the Chelmer should be licensed: see by 6.45pm (earlier, c. 6.30, if you need to pump up) ahead of a 7pm launch, with our usual staggered start – newest paddlers / shortest boards first – heading east into the SE breeze and operating the ‘bounce-back’ policy at Rickets Lock so we stay together. Beeleigh Lock will be our goal for a 7k+ loop, but wherever we get to we’ll all turn at 7.50pm back into the lightest of stream with a bit of a tailwind to help us off the water by 8.45pm. This should be a great first-time SUP Club, so everyone who knows how to paddle is very welcome – we’re planning to take the trailer, so kit will be available to hire for £20 to our Ready to Ride graduates: just email by 4pm to reserve a ride… Then after, we’ll warn the Six Bells Boreham that we’re coming back for dinner!

SUP Club is completely free of charge for anyone who owns their own kit (and knows how to use it!) to attend. If conditions are suitable, limited hire kit is available to graduates of our Learn to SUP lessons (or any other BSUPA Ready to Ride course) from

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Date: 04/07/2018
Duration: 1 Day