SUP Club 2018 #16


It’s fair to say we’re not expecting the biggest of SUP Clubs tonight – partly because of the football, but also because conditions might not be to everyone’s liking! We have a 6.07pm low tide @0.8m with an easterly breeze on the forecast, so it’s likely to take some proper effort paddling out for an hour before a magic carpet ride home. Not really suitable for newbies so we’re not offering the hire fleet – but it won’t be crazy: our regulars will be fine as long as they’re up for a push, just it’s likely to take some power and determination on the outward leg is all. So we’re going to hit Two Tree Island (SS9 2GB) from 6.10pm ahead of a 6.30pm launch. Bring £4 for the slipway launch in case the foreshore officer’s still there (he usually clocks off at 6). As usual we’ll be setting off the easy-riders first, then cruisers and holding the fastest off until last – but this week no bounce-backs or waiting to group up, we’ll just head out and keep going as the fleet will unavoidably string out whatever we try. Then we’ll turn at 7.30pm (possibly gathering at Seal Point if we get there first) well into the second hour of flood tide, so even if the breeze has died off we’ll fly home as more of a group. We should all be safely landed by 8.30pm, then we’ve arranged to hit the Fortune Garden, on the London Road in Leigh, for Chinese food…

SUP Club is completely free of charge for anyone who owns their own kit (and knows how to use it!) to attend. If conditions are suitable, limited hire kit is available to graduates of our Learn to SUP lessons (or any other BSUPA Ready to Ride course) from

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Location: tbc
Date: 11/07/2018
Duration: 1 Day