SUP Club 2018 – Through the Mill


As the wind and tide are entirely unsuitable for the coast, we’re happy that the duckweed has cleared from the river so we’re able to head back to Mill House for SUP Club tonight (it’s been a while!) – meeting from 6.20pm ahead of a 6.45pm launch at Mill House (by the Church Road bridge, just beyond CM3 4BG). As usual we’ll graduate the start with newest paddlers / shortest boards first, paddling west towards the A12 into what’s looking like a bit of wind and flow, and definitely operating a bounce-back at Stonham’s Lock so we stay broadly grouped up. The fastest might aim for 8km to the roadbridge and back, but we’ll all turn at 7.40pm so we’re back around sunset (8.22pm). Hire kit is available to graduates of our Ready to Ride courses – email ASAP to reserve a board. Then after, drinks and dinner at the Six Bells.

SUP Club is completely free of charge for anyone who owns their own kit (and knows how to use it!) to attend. If conditions are suitable, limited hire kit is available to graduates of our Learn to SUP lessons (or any other BSUPA Ready to Ride course) from

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Date: 15/08/2018
Duration: 1 Day