SUP Club 2018 – Night of the Indian Summer


We’re getting one last taste of summer this week – yet that won’t alter the south-easterly wind and unsuitable tides tonight, so we need to head back to the river for SUP Club. That sun will still set early too, and with no moon in the sky it’s going to be pretty dark by about 7.15, which means a crazy early start! Meeting at Paper Mill Lock (CM3 4BS) by 5.30pm ahead of a 5.45pm launch, as ever we’ll graduate it with the newest paddlers first and the raceboards last. Then we’re heading east (downstream) via Rushes Lock – where we’ll operate a bounce-back policy, so we can get the newest paddlers through in the lead again. This week we’ll aim to convene and turn at All Saints Church, Ulting, before heading back to Papermill (via another bounce-back at Rushes so no-one gets left behind in the dark!) Do bring red / green lights if you like, as we anticipate the last section will be in darkness – but there should still be enough residual light from the evening sky to see us home before it’s pitch black, so lights really aren’t compulsory. (But as always, definitely no bright white lights please!) Then after, probably back to the Six Bells for dinner…

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Date: 10/10/2018
Duration: 1 Day