SUP Club 2018 – Hoe Blow


Following last week’s heatwave edition, the weather’s returned to much more standard April fayre for SUP Club tonight… We’re hoping to strike lucky and avoid the rain showers – but there’s certainly going to be no avoiding that wind. Having paddled the river last night, we can confirm that it’s definitely going to be very windy in places: nothing scary or dangerous, but full-on tough work at times (you have been warned!) Anyway, this time we’re going to meet at Hoe Mill Lock (CM9 6RA – as always, paddlers on the Chelmer must be licensed: see by 6.15pm ahead of a 6.30pm launch, heading west. Depending on the turnout we will probably graduate the start again – shorter boards / newer paddlers first – and then as the wind is bound to slow some down more than others, like last week we’ll implement the ‘bounce-back’ policy at Rushes Lock (but both ways this week) so we group up and get the fastest off lastest from the locks as well as the start. Papermill Lock might be the ultimate goal for a few of us, but rather than aim for a landmark we’ll all turn at 7.20pm and should fly home with the wind and stream to be off the water at 8pm. Which will hopefully be in time to make last orders for food at one of the local pubs: so please comment (on Facebook) if you want to eat and we’ll try and book a table / warm someone we’re coming!

SUP Club is completely free of charge for anyone who owns their own kit (and knows how to use it!) to attend. If conditions are suitable, limited hire kit is available to graduates of our Learn to SUP lessons from

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Date: 25/04/2018
Duration: 1 Day