SUP Club 2019 – BST time!


The forecasts have aligned, with less chance of rain, maybe even some sun, and everything now seems to be predicting light south to south-easterly breeze this evening – so we’re on for Two Tree! (SS9 2GB) Meeting at 6pm (definitely be earlier if you need to pump up) we’re launching the shortest boards and newest paddlers first at 6.15pm ahead of a 6.47 low tide (@0.97m), graduating via cruisers and holding the fastest until last – paddling out into a little cross-headwind the fleet is bound to string out so we’ll just keep going at our various paces before everyone turns for home at 7pm to group up and get back after sunset (7.33pm) but before darkness falls. All able paddlers welcome – but sorry, no hire kit as the trailer’s not come out of hibernation yet! After, we’re figuring Old Leigh shouldn’t be too busy for drinks and dinner…

SUP Club heads-up: we’re still caught between two calls for tomorrow evening, depending on which way the forecast falls… If the wind stays light, low tide from Two Tree is workable – or if the predicted evening SSWerly builds, we’ll need to hit the river from Mill House. Either way it’s a 7.30pm sunset so we’re looking at a 6pm meet for a 6.15ish launch. We’ll decide where based on the lunchtime forecasts tomorrow, so check back about one o’clock…

(6.47pm low tide @0.97m and a 7.33pm sunset)

SUP Club is completely free if you have your own kit and know how to use it, or we hire for £20 to graduates of our BSUPA Ready to Ride courses on suitable evenings. If you want to learn to paddleboard, check out our SUP school page.

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Date: 03/04/2019
Duration: 1 Day