SUP Club 2024: Hello Hullbridge!


Venue: Hullbridge (SS5 6ND)
Meeting: c.5.45pm
Launch: after 6.10pm briefing
Finish: c.8.00pm
Level: strong (CHA licensed) estuary paddlers

Yet another gentle warning! As seems standard for our 2024 season thus far, unfortunately this week again won’t suit all comers. Of course the wind lull we’d been planning around seems to have dropped off the forecasts, nevertheless the ambient breeze is still light enough (albeit towards the top of our viable range for SUP Club) for us to go ahead at Hullbridge. Thing is, it’s not something we usually do, but we’ll be coming back from Battlesbridge against that breeze – with a gently building ebb tide, which will help us home but could feasibly throw up a little chop towards the end. So more for self-confidence than safety, but as the fleet’s likely to string out on the way home we don’t want anyone struggling to keep up and losing their self-belief at the back: we need to know that everyone’s perfectly happy and completely capable paddling against what might be a moderate headwind (potentially into a teeny bit of steep chop by the end). Regular SUP Clubbers on longer boards should be absolutely fine, but again this week’s not one for newbies or those of a nervous disposition…

Anyway, all that said, with the forecast breeze not nuclear and a very neapy tide indeed we’re hoping for a good night: we have to plan for worst case scenario, but best case it could be perfectly lovely. (Touch wood.) So we’re going to hit the Crouch from Hullbridge, we’ll confirm at the briefing but are hoping / expecting a c.7.5k loop into Battlesbridge and back. To catch the tide we’ll need to meet from 5.45pm and be comfortably setting up before 6pm at Hullbridge ( / SS5 6ND) ahead of a 6.10pm briefing. Please be ready to launch immediately after the briefing: strictly no late-comers.

Note there’s now a solid 2.1m height restriction into the free car-park. And of course, all paddlers will need to be registered with the Crouch Harbour Authority to paddle.

After, we’re planning to hit the Simla for a curryhouse dinner. Anyone not eating will be fine to pop in for a drink, but we’re hoping to get food numbers ahead of time – we’ll of course do a final show of hands at the briefing too, but to be sure of your place at the table, please add your emoji to yesterday’s post on the messenger group (or drop us a quick email to

Location: Hullbridge
Date: 15/05/2024
Duration: 1 Day