SUP Club 2024: Chop Chop?!?


Venue: Shoebury Common Beach (SS3 9QR /
Arrive: c.6.30pm
Launch: after 6.50pm briefing
Finish: c.8.40pm
Level: all confident paddlers

It’s warm and sunny again at last! So with a light southerly breeze on the forecasts, we’re going to hit Shoebury Common Beach (SS3 9QR / beyond Thorpe Bay for another splasharound at SUP Club tonight… We’re not going anywhere, rather we’re planning to just play about off the beach – maybe upwind / downwinding in the chop if it’s breezy enough to produce any, maybe tech and trick practice and/or SUP games if it’s flatter. All confident paddlers welcome (ie; able to stand up and paddle strong for 90+ minutes and not in need of a lesson to do so – which of course we offer via

[Note: to be clear after a bit of to-and-fro to avoid the parking charges this week we’re back at Shoebury Common Beach, just east of Thorpe Bay, past the yacht club at Uncle Tom’s … NOT Shoebury East Beach. Follow the postcode / w3w above, drive into the beach car-park and through onto the grass.  As far as conditions go, there could well be enough cross-onshore breeze to turn things mildly ‘challenging’. Or of course if it turns out light it might be mirror-flat and lovely… Either way, just be ready for some swimming and splashing about.]

We’ll be aiming to launch straight after the briefing at 6.50pm at Shoebury Common Beach (SS3 9QR / where charges cease at 6pm) parking by c.6.30pm. There’s just a light southerly breeze on the forecasts although gusts are predicted in high double figures so we really can’t be sure of conditions until we get there – but would expect just a tiny bit of short onshore chop is all. It’s a super-neapy low tide (1.61m at 16.03) so we’ll be paddling mid-tide on the flood.

Bring whatever kit you like (either your widest board and a stunt paddle for comfort / fun-&-games … or something narrower for a bit of stress-testing / bomb-proofing / possibly catching a glide or two in open-water conditions). After, we’ll hit our favourite ’spoons up in Shoebury for affordable beer and fodder…

Location: Shoebury Common Beach
Date: 17/07/2024
Duration: 1 Day