SUP Club 2024: 19th June [tbc]


[Monday update:] With a solid easterly breeze on the forecasts for Wednesday, it’s looking most likely we’ll need to head back to the river at Paper Mill Lock for SUP Club. That said, some forecasts do have it north-easterly, which with a very neapy (1.21m) low tide at 17.45 could work out for a late downwind / down-tider from Thorpe Bay to Chalkwell. We’d need to be very sure of the forecast, but if it pans out just right we’d be looking at a c.8pm start. (Whereas Paper Mill would be the ‘standard’ 6pm meet.) So, still currently up in the air while the forecasts develop – and look out for an update by close of play Tuesday 18th. (When if necessary, you know the score: force refresh your browser / empty cache if this text is still here by 7pm or so…)

Location: tba
Date: 19/06/2024
Duration: 1 Day