SUP Club 2024: … to the Sea!


Venue: Chalkwell Beach
Arrive: after 6pm
Finish: c.8.10pm
Level: Confident, competent coastal paddlers

With a little north-easterly breeze on the forecast, an 18.28 tide (@ 4.68m) and 20.20 sunset, this week seems perfectly set for a return to the coast. And it’s been a while, but we’re finally going to head back to our old favourite launch at Chalkwell (now as the post-lockdown chaos has died down and they’ve stopped charging for parking after 6pm!) So for those who don’t know, it’s Chalkwell rigging green, nearest postcode SS0 8JH, launch is at

Assuming the forecasts hold it should be flat and easy enough – and therefore suitable for everyone that can handle themselves at the coast. We’re expecting a bit of cross-tailwind out, then if we’re unlucky we might have to work back against some cross-offshore headwind: although hopefully not, and we will have plenty of tide under us, so we just need to know everyone’s capable in a bit of breeze on the estuary. (If you’re not sure, please do drop us a quick message to check: but if it helps, everyone that’s been to SUP Club already this season will be fine…)

Anyway, arriving after 6pm (when parking charges cease at Chalkwell) ahead of a quick briefing on the green at 6.30pm. We’ll work out the final plan when we’re sure of conditions, but we’d hope to be able to paddle into Old Leigh and back. All confident coastal paddlers are welcome (ie; able to stand up and paddle strong, in coastal conditions, for 90+ minutes and not in need of a lesson to do so – which of course we offer via After, we’ll hit the pub for dinner and drinks for sure, most likely the filthy Elms…

Location: Chalkwell
Date: 01/05/2024
Duration: 1 Day