SUP Club 2024: High Pressure / Low Water


Venue: Two Tree Island (SS9 2GB)
Meeting: from c.6.20pm
Launch: after 6.45pm briefing
Finish: c.8.45pm
Level: Competent coastal paddlers

Gentle warning: although the forecast is allowing us out at the coast from Two Tree tonight, and it’s perfectly safe, from experience with today’s predicted light (enough) easterly breeze, we’re still anticipating that tonight’s paddle out could prove ‘challenging’ for some. It won’t be too fierce or too choppy (if it is, we’ll just hide out in the dogleg) so should be well within everyone’s ability – but with any added sea breeze effect, this sort of forecast does tend to string the fleet out: stronger paddlers on longer boards will have no problem whatsoever charging into it, whereas newer paddlers on shorter boards may not get very far or go very fast. And there’s a whole spectrum in-between depending on quite what level of breeze we find. Just saying, tonight won’t be ideal for everyone…

But as long as you’re up to / for a bit of a workout! The (pretty low at 0.58m) tide and a light enough breeze mean we can hit the coast from Two Tree. If conditions allow we’re planning to head down the Ray, launching an hour before the 19.50 low water and probably into a bit of a headwind. We therefore need up-for-it, competent coastal paddlers tonight – comfortable with breezy 8km routes and with the necessary strength, skills and experience to paddle themselves out of trouble if necessary. We’ll see how far we get before turning to cruise back with dying breeze on slack water and landing soon after the 20.32 sunset.

(Plan B, in case conditions don’t turn out conducive, we’ll just stick to the dogleg for a splashabout…)

So meeting from 6.20pm at Two Tree ahead of a 6.45pm briefing at the top of the slipway (please, no late-comers tonight, we need everyone ready to go as we’ll be hitting the water straight after). Then once we’re done we’ll head off to the pub for a quick dinner and drink…

Location: tba
Date: 08/05/2024
Duration: 1 Day