SUP Club 2023 – Sundown Splasharound


Venue: Thorpe Bay (SS1 3NW)
Arrive: c.6.20pm
Launch: after 6.45pm briefing
Finish: c.8.15pm
Level: all confident paddlers

To celebrate this oh-so-rare summer 2023 heat, and with a patch of south-easterly breeze due to arrive this evening, we’re going to hit Thorpe Bay for a splasharound. We’re not going anywhere, just messing about off the beach or maybe upwind / downwinding a little way up and down it, so this should be good for any of our regulars (or even occasionals!) who fancy it, as there’s no need to keep up with the group – could be good for getting more comfortable in choppier coastal waters? All confident paddlers welcome (ie; able to stand up and paddle strong for 90+ minutes and not in need of a lesson to do so – which of course we offer via www.supsect.com/learn-to-sup).

We’ll be aiming to launch straight after the briefing at 6.45pm at Thorpe Bay (SS1 3NW – w3w.co/hello.others.pass) parking wherever you can by the green just west of the yacht club (where charges now cease at 6pm). With some ambient south-easterly breeze hitting the forecasts and potentially a bit of a sea breeze effect reinforcing it this afternoon, we can’t be sure of conditions – but would expect a little ‘challenging’ chop blowing in from the North Sea at first, maybe gradually flattening off as the (17.23) tide ebbs. 

So we won’t be trying a route, but will stay together within a sensible area off the beach for a pure splashabout / chopfest / maybe fun-&-games night. Bring whatever kit you like (either your widest board for comfort or something narrower for a bit of stress-testing / bomb-proofing / possibly catching a glide or two in open water conditions) just come prepared for a swim is all! After, we’ll hit our favourite ’spoons up in Shoebury for affordable beer and fodder…

Please note: images below do not reflect likely conditions tonight! (Although it really shouldn’t be too bad…)

Location: Thorpe Bay? [tbc]
Date: 23/08/2023
Duration: 1 Day