SUP Club 2023 – Common People…


Venue: Shoebury Common Beach
Arrive: by 6pm
after 6.20pm briefing
Finish: c.8.00pm
Level: Confident coastal paddlers

With a light easterly breeze on the forecast and a (just about) doable high tide this week we’re heading to Shoebury Common Beach (SS3 9QR / for either a splashabout or a quick route, depending on how much sea breeze effect and how southerly we find it.

[Standard 2023 warning: it’s been windy every Wednesday so far this season, and while the forecasts are potentially light this week, an afternoon of sunshine could kick off enough of a sea breeze to turn things ‘challenging’ again! We’ll see though – it could well stay calm and lovely… With our Dorset trip on Thursday, this week won’t be a busy one, so we can easily look after everyone. We just don’t want anyone left disillusioned by conditions, as can potentially happen if it’s a bit breezy at the coast.]

Anyway, arriving by 6pm (when parking charges cease at SS3 9QR /) ahead of a quick briefing on the beach at 6.20pm, we’ll work out the plan when we’re sure of conditions. The tide (4.14pm) will be firmly on the drop so we’ll decide whether to stay put for a splashabout (if it’s particularly breezy and/or choppy) or take on a route, up-tide towards town then back before the water disappears. All confident coastal paddlers are welcome (ie; able to stand up and paddle strong for 90+ minutes and not in need of a lesson to do so – which of course we offer via After, we’ll be off to the pub for dinner and drinks for sure…

Location: Shoebury Common Beach
Date: 24/05/2023
Duration: 1 Day