SUP Club 2023 – And Finally…


Venue: Two Tree Island (SS9 2GB)
Meeting: c.5pm
Launch: after 5.20pm briefing
Finish: c.7.10pm
Level: Competent coastal paddlers

For the last of this season’s regular Wednesday evening SUP Clubs, we’re going to hit Two Tree. Launching before sunset but coming back as dusk descends – therefore only up-for-it, competent coastal paddlers with night paddling experience (and suitable navigation lights) need apply tonight. We need to know that everyone’s comfortable and has the necessary strength, skills and experience to paddle themselves out of trouble if necessary. (And again, absolutely no late arrivals / launchers as we need to keep on top of everyone’s safety in dwindling light).

With a 16.40 low tide (@0.85m) we’ll be heading out into a gently flooding tide, probably with a bit of light cross-offshore breeze. Then by the time we turn we’ll fly home in twilight as the flood tide builds. Not that we’re going to encounter much if any marine traffic, but we’d prefer that everyone had lights so we can all see each other by the end – as ever, please no bright whites, we tend to go for red and green LEDs, just the cheap running kind are cool.

So meeting c.5pm at Two Tree ahead of a 5.20pm briefing at the top of the slipway, hitting the water straight after. Then when we’re done, we’ll head off to the pub for a swift dinner and drinks…

All competent, experienced coastal paddlers (by which we mean comfortable and confident standing-up and paddling strong, non-stop for 90+minutes, able to steer, stop and turn around effectively, ideally reverse-sweep) are welcome at SUP Club. And now as we’re so deep into autumn, we ask that paddlers bring red and/or green LED lights so we can see each other after dusk (not for illumination, so please no bright whites!)

Location: Two Tree Island
Date: 25/10/2023
Duration: 1 Day