SUP Club 2023 – Tough Stuff?


Venue: Hullbridge (SS5 6ND)
Meeting: c.5.45pm
Launch: after 6.15pm briefing
Finish: c.8pm?
Level: strong, confident coastal paddlers

With the weather as it is – looks like a nice day but there’s a rapidly deteriorating forecast for this evening – tonight definitely isn’t a night for everyone. We have potentially strong south-westerly gusts blowing in so we need to know that everyone on the water can handle conditions (which we’re not expecting to be too choppy, but could certainly present some challenging headwinds / crosswinds to contend with). We can only go as fast / far as our slowest / weakest paddler allows, so please take a look at the forecasts and give tonight a miss unless you’re completely confident you can paddle effectively in that much breeze on tidal waters (ie; you’ve successfully done so before!)

The idea (on forecast) is that the breeze should be southerly enough for us to sort of tuck out of at Hullbridge. But depending on how westerly the south-westerly finally arrives, we may need to adapt. We might not get far if the wind fully fills in, and it could be a somewhat ‘hardcore’ night – although all strong, suitably experienced coastal paddlers that know for sure they can make effective headway into a 12-knot+ breeze should be fine! Route / plan to be decided and announced at the briefing. We’ll need to meet from 5.45pm and be comfortably setting up by 6pm at Hullbridge ( to catch the tide. And of course, all paddlers will need to be registered with the Crouch Harbour Authority to paddle. Briefing at 6.15pm. Please no late-comers.

After, we’ll hit the Smuggler’s Den for a drink but really aren’t counting on getting any food. So please eat something before and pack a snack for after so no-one gets hangry!

Location: Hullbridge
Date: 26/07/2023
Duration: 1 Day