Two Tree to Benfleet

SUP Club 2023 – Benfleet or bust…


Venue: Two Tree Island (SS9 2GB)
Meeting: by 7.30pm
Launch: after 7.50pm briefing
Level: Competent coastal paddlers

Gentle warning: although most of the forecasts are suggesting conditions should be kind at Two Tree, we are relying on a lull which some predictions aren’t showing, in which case the breeze might nudge up into double figures. Which would be fine for most but potentially ‘challenging’ for some. It really shouldn’t be too choppy beyond the launch though. Thing is, as we’re going late we do need to know that everyone’s comfortable with (potentially breezy) 8km routes and has the necessary experience, strength and skills to paddle themselves out of trouble if necessary.

Anyway… This week we’re planning to head up to Benfleet from Two Tree. Possibly into a bit of headwind, turning before sunset to arrive back before dusk. Nice and simple: full details at the briefing. (Please arrive in plenty of time so you’re ready to launch at the briefing.)

So meeting by 7.30pm at Two Tree ahead of an 7.50pm briefing at the top of the slipway, hitting the water straight after. Then when we’re done, we’ll head off to the pub for at least a drink, hopefully food – although we can’t be totally sure we’ll be able to get fed. So (particularly if you’re liable to get hangry) do make sure you’ve eaten something beforehand this week!

Location: Two Tree Island
Date: 28/06/2023
Duration: 1 Day