SUP Club – 4th October 2023 [tbc]


SUP Club 4th October 2023: details TBA & TBC! So we’re into October, with an 18.29 sunset, therefore this could be the first of our lit-up evenings – you know the score; please no bright white lights, we tend to go for red and green LEDs, just the cheap running / cycling kind are cool. Anyway, the tides are a tad awkward (16.28 high at Southend @5.78m), but providing we go early enough we can certainly make it work at the coast in the right weather – maybe it might line up for a downwinder from Chalkwell? Or maybe up and down or a splasharound from Thorpe Bay? But otherwise, if we have to head back to the river at Mill House it will need to be crazy early so we don’t end up on the river in pitch darkness. As ever, totally TBA then TBC in the days approaching…

Location: TBC
Date: 04/10/2023
Duration: 1 Day