6.20pm briefing

SUP Club 2023 – All Saints Day?


Venue: Paper Mill Lock (CM3 4BS)
Arrive: by 6pm
Launch: after 6.20pm briefing
Finish: c.8pm
Level: Competent river paddlers

We’re super-happy that the Willow Set parking at Paper Mill has finally dried out and reopened for summer, as unsuitable tides and wind mean we’re back to the river for SUP Club tonight. But we’re looking forward to it as the wonderful Willow Set are kindly staying open late for us again, charging £3 from 5.30pm onwards when you use the password ‘SUPsect’ or flash our logo at the gate.

So please make sure you’re arrived and setting up by 6pm at Paper Mill Lock to gather at our ‘training zone’ by the entrance for a 6.20pm briefing ahead of a 6.25pm launch. This (never-ending?) north-easterly breeze means we can strike out east this week, to All Saints Church and back at a gentle social pace.

As always, please ensure you are licensed to paddle the river (renewals via www.waterways.org.uk). Everyone licensed, with their own kit (including leash!) who can paddle confidently is very welcome… (Please though, if you’re not yet competently steering, stopping and turning, a busy group at SUP Club isn’t the place to learn these essential skills – we offer lessons for that!)

After, we’re going for dinner and drinks as usual – we’ll do a show of hands for numbers at the briefing.

Location: Paper Mill Lock
Date: 07/06/2023
Duration: 1 Day