SUP Club – Darklife


We’re going to be cutting it fine tonight… Meeting at Two Tree (SS9 2GB) early, from 5.30pm, we want to be down the slipway and launched by 5.50 – just before sunset and over an hour ahead of low tide. So there should still be enough water to get out OK – but bring your stunt paddles as we’ll definitely be punting home in places! (It was shallow enough last night, but it’s .1 lower right on our minimum of 0.5m tonight…) There’s the chance of a bit of southerly breeze and we’ll be heading down the Ray and then turning back before the tide’s turned, so we will keep grouped up for safety. Red lights might be nice if you’ve got them, but not compulsory as there’ll still be just enough residual light to see our way home before 7.30pm. Then most probably the Peterboat for dinner again…

Date: 18/10/2017
Duration: 1 Day