Race Club

SUPsect Race Club is open to all experienced paddlers wanting to improve their technique. Although primarily founded to help select and train our team in the run-up to the British SUP Club Championships in late September, everyone prepared to put some effort into their paddling is welcome to attend. In 2020 we’re meeting on Thursday evenings at Paper Mill Lock. This season we’ll be doing things a bit differently again: the free ‘virtual’ technique workshop will be released as a short video on our Messenger group (shout if you want in!) so you can arrive at the venue and warm-up, implement the technique whenever suits you ahead of our £5 time trial. (Everyone is welcome to do either, both or neither! i.e. if you don’t want to race, just do the tech workshop / or if you don’t want to workshop, just enter the time trial…) Entries via our Webscorer account: www.webscorer.com/supsect.

We welcome all sorts of paddlers on all sorts of boards wanting to improve their technique. Race entry is £5 via www.webscorer.com/supsect. If you’d rather keep your stats to yourself or want to take part purely as a personal challenge, you have the option to keep your position and/or time private – in which case we won’t publish publicly but will email your results directly. This is ‘fun racing’, meant for enjoyment and personal improvement, hence there will be no prizes or overall series results.

Race Club 2020 will be every Thursday evening at Paper Mill Lock (for as long as the ‘River’ car-park are staying open until 8.30pm on a Thursday!)

Race Club 2020: #5, Thursday 17th September. We’re having to do things a little differently once again as C19 is kicking back in for autumn, so now we’re limiting entries to five racers. But after another ‘virtual’ technique workshop we can time trial again. Our friends at the ‘River’ car-park at Paper Mill Lock are still staying open until 8.30pm on Thursday, so get there whenever you can from 5.30pm and hit the water to warm up and put our video workshop (as shared via our Messenger group: shout if you want in!) into practice. Week 5 is about cadence and the ‘pyramid of power’. Then we’re planning a repeat of this season’s first TT – 4.3km from Papermill to Rushes Lock and back (registration at 6.15pm ahead of a 6.30pm start).

Click here to enter Time Trial #5